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Everyday a new shinro. Place all marbles by using the given hints. Read the in game help.

How do you solve the puzzle in Shinro?

How do you play Shinro?

A Shinro puzzle is an 8x8 square grid. Your job is to locate twelve hidden marbles, based on the clues in the puzzle: numbers and arrows. A number on the top tells you how many marbles are in the column underneath the number. A number on the side tells you how many marbles are in the row next to the number.

How do you solve Kakurasu?

How do you do an Akari puzzle?


Where can I find Shinro?

Shinro is a quest NPC based on Shinra, the main protagonist in the anime series Fire Force. His questline is the first in the storyline. He has 3 quests. This NPC is located in Dimension 1.

How do you play Dragonslayer?

How do you solve hitori?

How do you solve difficult Kakuro?

The traditional way to solve a Kakuro puzzle is incremental: by using the existing information on the board, you can find with certainty the value of a specific cell which can take only one possible value. Then that value is filled and the process is repeated until all the board cells have been discovered.

What is a Kakurasu puzzle?

Kakurasu ("Index Sums") is played on a rectangular or square grid. The goal is to blacken some cells to satisfy the clues. The numbers across the top and down the left are the clues, and equal the row and column totals for the black cells.

How do you do Pagoda puzzles?

Entering the Pagoda To solve the puzzle, players must press four buttons on the side of pedestals with statues of four Beginner Loomians by following the monks' clues after defeating them. The correct order for pressing the buttons is Embit, Eaglit, Dripple, Fevine.

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