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The classic zNumbers puzzle game. Move every box with a number on it only once. The box may only be moved by the amount on the box (horizontal, vertical or diagonal).

How do I contact daily puzzles?

Our business email is [email protected], but we recommend using this form to contact us to ensure we can respond as fast as possible. Please note there is a small chance that under some circumstances your email could go to spam if you email us directly. We recommend using the contact form above to avoid this.

Are there any other Wordle games?

If you love Wordle and want a puzzle game that takes more brain power, you'll want to check out Quordle, Octordle, Dordle and Sedecordle. Each of these four word games look very similar to Wordle, but add more rows, columns and words to solve. Dordle requires you to solve two words at once. Quordle, four at once.14-Oct-2022

Where is Dailypuzzles located?

Adelaide, South Australia

What is the 9 square number game called?


How do you reset a puzzle box?

As with all puzzles, logging out will reset the puzzle, even if it has already been completed.

How do I cancel my puzzle page subscription?

Subscription settings can be found in the 'Account' section of the app. On Amazon Fire devices, you can manage your app subscriptions by navigating to "Apps" on the device homescreen, selecting "Store" and then selecting "Manage Subscriptions" from the menu. (You can also manage subscriptions via the Amazon website.)

Who is the owner of DailyPuzzles?

Billy Pippan - Owner

Does DailyPuzzles have free shipping?

To qualify for free shipping there is a minimum spend of depending on your location. To see if you qualify, add your items to cart and then the option will become automatically available at checkout.

What is the best Rubix cube?

Five Best Speed Cubes of 2022 [Rubik's cube buying guide]

Why No 9 is magic number?

The number 9 is revered in Hinduism and considered a complete, perfected and divine number because it represents the end of a cycle in the decimal system, which originated from the Indian subcontinent as early as 3000 BC.

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