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Giant Slalom winter game. Move left and right and ski right of the red gate and left of the blue gate.

What is the point of giant slalom?

Giant slalom, similar to slalom, is a technical event, where athletes are judged based on technical aspects of turns rather than speed. In competitions, each rider is allowed two runs down the course, and are awarded points. The rider with the most cumulative points for the two runs combined is declared as the winner.

What's the difference between giant slalom and slalom skiing?

The giant slalom has characteristics of both the slalom and the downhill, the latter a longer, faster race. Giant slalom gates are wider and set farther apart, and the course is longer than in the slalom. The event was first included in the world championships in 1950 and in the Olympics in 1952.

What is giant slalom skiing?

Giant Slalom (GS) Giant slalom is similar to the slalom, with fewer, but wider and smoother turns. Each skier makes two runs down two different courses on the same slope. Both runs take place on the same day, usually with the first run held in the morning and the second run in the afternoon.

Why is giant slalom called super-G?

The course is set so that skiers must turn more than in downhill, though the speeds are still much higher than in giant slalom (hence the name). Each athlete only has one run to clock the best time. In the Olympics, super-G courses are usually set on the same slopes as the downhill, but with a lower starting point.

What happens if you ski out in giant slalom?

Simply put, skiing out means missing a gate at any point during a ski race. The consequences of doing so are instant elimination from the event even if it spans multiple runs, as slalom, giant slalom and the combined events do at the Winter Olympics.09-Feb-2022

Is giant slalom a ski race?

Giant slalom and slalom make up the technical events in alpine ski racing. This category separates them from the speed events of Super-G and downhill. The technical events are normally composed of two runs, held on different courses on the same ski run.

Why do they call it slalom?

The term slalom comes from the Morgedal/Seljord dialect of Norwegian word "slalåm": "sla", meaning "slightly inclining hillside", and "låm", meaning "track after skis". The inventors of modern skiing classified their trails according to their difficulty.

What is giant slalom vs super-G?

Skiers make two runs for each event, and their times for both are combined. The Super G, as the Super Giant Slalom is known, is considered a speed event, and each skier makes only one run. The course is longer than the one for the Giant Slalom with a higher vertical drop.03-Feb-2022

Is giant slalom just one run?

Like the slalom event, the giant slalom consists of two runs, after which a skier's times are combined. The giant slalom course at the 2018 Winter Olympics was lined with 50 gates spaced farther apart than the gates in the slalom course, but not as far apart as the gates in the super giant slalom, as Reuters reported.11-Feb-2022

How fast is giant slalom?

around 50 mph

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