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Type or create valid English words using the letters on the grid.

What is a good Halloween word?

haunted house, trick-or-treat, jack-o'-lantern, Halloween, October, pumpkin, afraid, evil, eerie, gruesome, spooky, broomstick, witch, ghost, nightmare, cauldron, frightening, scary, darkness, horrify, disguise, petrify, terrify, tombstone, cobweb, cemetery, ghoulish, hocus pocus, dead, haunt, howl, dress-up, candy,

What are some haunted words?

The 13 Spookiest English Words to Instantly Put You in the Halloween Spirit

What is a fun word game?

Anagram-a-rama Break out a pad of paper and give everyone a sheet. Start with a random word (ideally at least six or seven letters long) and set the timer. Players try to rearrange the letters to form as many new words (at least three letters long) as they can. The player with the most words wins.27-May-2022

What is a 4 letter word for Halloween?

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What are some spooky phrases?

Halloween Sayings:

What is a spooky word?

chilling, creepy, eerie, ghostly, mysterious, ominous, scary, supernatural, uncanny, weird, spine-chilling, unearthly.

What are cool dark words?

'Stygian,' 'Umbra,' and Other Words for Darkness

What are the unusual words?

10 unusual words to add to your English vocabulary

What are crazy words?

34 of the Zaniest, Craziest Words in the Dictionary (Anything Missing? Add It In the Comments!)

What is the 5 word game?

Dave Berry's Five Words Game is taken from his Absolute Radio Breakfast Show. It's the easiest game to play, but the hardest one to win. Dave will give you five words and you have to say the first word that comes into your head. If you match all five words with those said by the team on the show, then you win.

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