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The classic Board game Halma against a computer opponent. Move your pieces to the other side before your opponent does.

How many squares are in a Halma board?

Halma, (Greek: “jump”), checkers-type board game, invented about 1880, in which players attempt to move a number of pieces from one corner of a square board containing 256 squares to the opposite corner. The first to transfer all of his pieces is the winner.

Is Halma same as Chinese checkers?

Chinese Checkers, a variant of Halma, was originally published in 1892 as Stern-Halma (German for "Star Halma") and later renamed upon marketing to the United States to appear more exotic. The name is misleading, since the game has no historical connection with China, nor is it a checkers game.

What does Halma company do?

Halma plc is a British global group of safety equipment companies that makes products for hazard detection and life protection based in Amersham, England. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

Which game does Halma the board game resembles?

Halma is a famous old Victorian game in which the objective is not to capture your opponent's pieces but instead to hop over them in an effort to get to the opposite side first. Similar to Chinese Checkers but with more depth and added complexity as there are 8 directions of movement instead of 6.

What is the meaning of Halma?

Definition of halma : a game played on a square board and having rules similar to those of Chinese checkers.

What is a Chinese Checkers board called?

The game is a modern and simplified variation of the game Halma. Sternhalma. A typical pitted-wood gameboard using six differently colored sets of marbles. Another popular format uses colored pegs in holes.

Is Chinese checkers harder than chess?

Checkers is the “simplest”, with the lowest mathematical complexity of the three given games, followed by chess, followed by Chinese chess, xiang-qi, which is the most complex. Treating those games as a mathematical problem, xiang-qi is the “hardest”.

What is chess called in China?


What do the Germans call checkers?

checkers [noun] singular (American) the game of draughts.

Is Halma a good company to work for?

82% of employees would recommend working at Halma to a friend and 88% have a positive outlook for the business. This rating has improved by 4% over the last 12 months.24-Oct-2022

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