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Race in busy traffic and avoid collisions. Use the arrow keys or the arrows in view to steer your car.

How do I download traffic racer to my computer?

How to Download and Play Traffic Racer on PC

What is meant by Traffic Rider?

Traffic Rider is a first-person driving game where you get behind the handlebars of a motorcycle and drive at full speed through traffic.

Is Traffic Rider a good game?

Overall, if you like racing games or simply are looking for a fun game to fill your need for speed, Traffic Rider is a great choice.29-Aug-2018

How do you play Traffic Rider?

Basically, Traffic Rider take place in first person, with the player looking over a set of handlebars. One button is the gas, another is the break, and tilting the phone back and forth controls the direction your rider is leaning.28-Jan-2016

What is the best car racing game for PC?

The 9 Best Racing Games to Play for PC

What is the best free racing game for PC?

How many levels are there in traffic rider?

The map is pretty massive with over 40 levels, as well as bonus objectives for reaching a better clear time.15-Jan-2016

Why is it called traffic?

Etymology and types The word traffic originally meant "trade" (as it still does) and comes from the Old Italian verb trafficare and noun traffico.

What is a traffic boy?

traffic boy (plural traffic boys) A young male crossing guard.

Is racing game good for brain?

High-speed racing with close competition a few times each week can train your brain to decrease signalling that causes increases in adrenaline, sweat and heart rate. In turn, you will be better able to control yourself in other real world stressful situations.

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