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Remove all balls from the table by colliding the same balls.

What is a trickshot in pool?

A trick shot (also trickshot or trick-shot) is a shot played on a billiards table (most often a pool table, though snooker tables are also used), which seems unlikely or impossible or requires significant skill.

What are the terms used in billiards?

Angle Shot - Any shot that is not straight in; more commonly referred to as a "cut shot". Backspin - A ball rotating in the direction opposite to its travel. Bank Shot - A shot in which the striking of a cushion is instrumental in pocketing the object ball.

What are the names of some billiard shots?

Types of Pool Shots — Billiards Shot Names

What is the spin on a cue ball called?

English or “side” refers to sidespin applied to the cue ball (CB) by hitting left or right of the cue-ball vertical centerline. Proper usage suggests the term “english” is preferable to “English” for describing sidespin, but “English” is also commonly used.

How do you do a banana shot in the pool?

How many cups is a trickshot?

two cups

What is the first move in pool called?

The "break" happens at the beginning of the game when a player breaks up the fifteen pool balls. It is the first shot. Some players break straight on while others break at an angle. A scratch occurs when the cue ball jumps off the table or rolls into a pocket.

What is a golden duck in pool?

Golden Break – Similar to American 9-ball Pool, a player can win the frame off the break. They must pot the 8-ball from the break and win it outright. This rule was formerly used in the Taom Shootouts. Golden Duck – Undesirably, if the breaking player pockets the 8-ball and cueball they lose the frame outright.17-Sept-2021

Why is it called pool instead of billiards?

Fifteen-ball billiards was developed in America. The tables were installed in houses where bets or pools on horses were made. The idea was to give the gamblers something to do between races. Gradually the houses took on the name of 'Pool Rooms', which was an unsavory designation in those times.

What is the most famous pool shot?

On June 11th 1995, Efren Reyes was in a race to 13 with Earl Strickland. With the two tied at 12-12 (or "hill hill" for those who prefer the pool lingo), Reyes made one of the most amazing shots of all time (go to about 1:10 in the video to see the shot).11-Mar-2015

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